Controller works in preview mode but not exported file

So my controller works perfectly in the preview mode but after I package the game x64 my controller bugs out after the first few frames. I can navigate the main menu fine, launch the actual game, but when I spawn in my controller works for about 2 whole seconds before it breaks and repeats the last command endlessly (keeps running until i unplug the controller). I have enable input on my begin play on my pawn and character blueprint.

Also, replugging my xbox controller in, resets it for another 2 seconds. Again, this is problem only occurs in the exported version of the game.

And on another note, when the problem occurs it gives my controller camera control in my Unreal Engine for the World Editor (zooms out forever). And its screws with my controller in other games, until I unplug it again.
Could this be a controller error? Otherwise, what could it be? Willing to send blueprint screenshots but need to know which to send.