Controller Rotation Pitch in Physics Volume?

I’m working on a level that’s halfway submerged in water, and to get the character to swim like I wanted to I had to use the controller rotation pitch. However, when inside the physics volume if I look directly up or directly down, the camera starts spinning like crazy, which in turn offsets the controls and anything that’s not parented to the camera. Is there any way to fix/bypass this? The level is made from the fps example blueprint.

It looks like this, when I look up or down:

Happens for me too. Any fix? Trying to use inside water. Using 4.61
Starts to spin around and going through the ground and weird stuffs when using it

Hey ive been working on some rotation abilities for a vehicle game im working on. I got that effect using a rotating movement component. I noticed that its pivot is what was causing this effect. I would try adding a target point or a socket off your root component. Use that as where you will add and get the rotation and apply that rotation to your pawn relative rotation. If that doesnt work this is what i did for my spring arm. First i would check if it was in air. Then if it was i would set the arm to inherit the pawns pitch and roll, roll maynot be necessary for what you need. And set a new arm length, Make sure you have default variables set in your bp so when it exits water or in my case lands so that way tou go back to. To sum it up get your rotation of the spring arm your going to add in the inverted values of your added degrees to your spring arm relative rotation. This helped keep my pawn centered in my fov. Hope this helps. I will post a screen shot of my bp tomorrow.