Controller Pitch Input moving the character and not the camera

I’m new to Unreal and trying to figure out Player Controller Blueprints.

I have the following PlayerControllerBP for a thirdperson view setup.

MouseTurn works just fine. But when I look up/down, my character is rotated forward/backward. I know why this is happening. Because the target for controller pitch input is the pawn itself and not the camera.

Is there anyway I can reference the camera from the character blueprint? or is there a better way to handle the mouse look up/down?

Bumping… Anyone?

Click on the details panel and there should be yaw controller input checked by default but not pitch. Make sure thats checked.

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I checked both pitch and yaw controller checkboxes. Both lookupdown/mouseturn stop working on unchecking them both pitch and yaw.

Under the character movement component details make sure rotate character to something cant remember off top of my head. But that needs to be unchecked to get you a free look style camera. And are you using a spring arm attached to your camera?

Are you talking about use pawn control rotation? That is unchecked as well. And yes, my camera is attached to a spring arm.

Yes!Yes!Yes! I fixed this. So here is the solution for anyone pulling their hair out.

In the character blueprint, in the components panel, select the top most class. This should have (self) at the end.
Uncheck the following options → Use Controller Rotation Pitch and Use Controller Rotation Yaw.
Select Spring Arm component and Check → Use Pawn Control Rotation.
Select Camera and Uncheck → Use Pawn Control Rotation (Not sure if this is required but do this anyway cos this is my setting and it totally works!).
Select Character Movement Component and** Check **Orient Rotation to Movement.

Thanks to ptjackson for helping me with this.


Ashyankee! THANKS a lot! it works

Thanks man, this has been an eternal problem for me everytime I try to script the character movements from within the character BP. When I try to use “Add Controller Pitch” which doesn’t work!
Obviously, until now after reading your suggestion. I am not sure why it is only ticked for the Yaw, but not the pitch!
Thanks alot again

I registered an account just to say THANK YOU!!!

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Thanks for coming back and providing the answer!!! It was the last step for me (Orient Rotation to Movement)


Solved it for me. Thank you very much !