Controller only mode!

Some people like sitting on a couch and playing games on a big screen tv, but as we know keyboard and mouse allows for more competitive gaming. My wrist hurts alot when using a mouse (i was a pc gamer since age 13) due to an injury to my wrists when i was 15, im almost 30 now and the problem has gotten to the point that i can use a mouse anymore with out experiencing great pain. I have talked to many of doctors, and there is nothing they can do to fix my wrist, due to the way the bone healed. I game using the controller now because of that, and i think myself and many others would really love a controller only mode for UT4 so that it would be fair because everyone would be forced to use a controller in that mode. To the developers of this game, is there a chance you guys would do this? Is it possible to make it an official mod? Is it possible/what level of difficulty would making a mod like this be? What would i need to know?

I think you might be in the wrong forum.
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