Controller not working in 4.13


Game controller not working in 4.13, what has changed?

I downloaded the latest version, 4.13, and when I create a new project, the keyboard works, but the gamepad (Microsoft Xbox PC controller) does not work. When I create a new project for 4.12, or use projects for all previous versions, the gampad works. For example, when I open the old demo map “Blueprints” in 4.13, or create a new project, game controller does not work. Open up a 4.12 version of “Blueprints,” or create a new project, and the controller works. I have looked at the Event Graph in both versions, same Gamepad input. Checked all the Action and Axis Mapping, same in both. I can’t believe that I am the only one experiencing this issue.

I changed nothing, just downloaded 4.13 and tried to create a new project. What has changed in 4.13? What do I need to do to get the gamepad to work in 4.13. Clearly some default setting in 4.13 is the issue. I have wasted hours trying to find the problem. Need help.

Hello CrashA51,

When hitting PIE (Play in Editor), as of 4.13, the viewport will no longer immediately gain focus for input and must be clicked before any input will begin registering. If you’re not clicking in the viewport before trying to use the controller then it would seem as if the controller isn’t working due to this. Can you try clicking in the viewport after hitting play and then using the controller?

It was actually a bug that the viewport would automatically get focus previously because this is supposed to be governed by the “Game Gets Mouse Control” setting in the Advanced Options for PIE. When this is turned off, which is the default, it is suppose to function as it does now. That setting was previously being ignored. If you wish to have the same behavior as previous versions, please enable this option going forward. You can find the bug report here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-32689)

Hello Matthew,

I just figured that out, I clicked my mouse, and noticed the gamepad started working, then checked back here to update my post, and found your answer confirming it. So thanks, and I really appreciate the quick answer. 4.13 feels different, better, hard to explain, don’t know what it is, but great job.