Controller Movement for Top/Down Vehicle

Hello all,

First I would like to thank you all for taking a moment to help me! Thank you!

Ok, so I have been stuck for about 3 days now and while I am fairly new to UE4 I have figured some things out so I feel like the solution should be much simpler than I am making it.

I would like to make controls for a simple vehicle game given a top down view (I would like the camera to be fixed, think old school racing on NES) such that the axis input rotates the character but after moving it according to the actor’s forward vector.

Basically, if I were to use WASD controls, and the vehicle is facing north, pressing D (or west) would make the vehicle begin to move forwards (north) but also begin turn in the westwards direction, as much as the rotation rate allows. Holding D after a short time would ultimately rotate my vehicle in the west direction and move it in the westwards direction.

I just can’t figure out how to add input that rotates the character but also moves the character in it’s forwards direction.

Using the preset controls, the get right vector() moves the vehicle right and with the character movement component having the “Use Controller Desired Rotation” checked rotates the vehicle while its already moving in a direction so it looks like its skidding before it faces the correct way.

Thank you again!