Controller help

Hello everyone,
i have two levels, one when i play the game the controls work.
In the second when i try to play it takes “the camera” to the edge of the map, if i “unposses” the controler and go to where i should have started the pawn isnt there. The blue prints are they same, its in the same project. I can do a video if you need/it helps

Check in the world settings of your level (In window : world settings, appears near details on the right) the game mode override. You may not have it in this level.

I have tried that and it hasn’t helped, thank you though. I have recorded a video to show whats happening and that in one level it works, but in the other is does not.

Weird. I have no idea sadly. You could check that this is the right actor you possess (by creating a new reference in level blueprint and using it to possess). But i haven’t much more ideas :frowning:

its even weirder i have made a clean level, with the same settings and it’s worked