Controlled Physics-Forces (I know the result, need the Force)

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

For our game-project thats to be announced soon in WIP, we need arcade-like vehicle physics, and I was almost happy with them, until I decided to rewrite them from scratch using Physics-Forces, because collision-responses and impacts are working “out of the box” when using the physics engine.

But I am facing some logical issues and would like to ask one, two questions to you guys.

Okay, so I kept the basic movement-calculation algorythm. The car has a drag and a roll resistance force and a longtitudinal engine-force (we ignore steering for now). And one thing to note: You don’t need car-physics knowledge to help me, I think :smiley:
From my algorythm, I can calculate the acceleration of the car, at least the acceleration I would like the car to have.

So, I have my pre-tick velocity of the car and the new acceleration this tick. But now I am unsure how to make the vehicle actually use this new velocity / how to find the proper force to add this tick so that this equasion is fulfilled in physics terms.
What can I do to calculate the force needed to reach a precalculated velocity? At first I thought I could just use SetLinearVelocity to the new velocity, but then this would override impacts, or am I wrong? I am actually a bit connfused at this very moment, hehe.

Anyways, could someone help me out a bit? What would be the appropriate way to add longitudinal force to the vehicle?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

And here two little teasers [Pre-Alpha] :stuck_out_tongue: