Controllable Hands, FP Body, Player's Height

Hello. Firstfull - I have no skills in coding. Please be as more specific as you can and try to understand the final goal, as I do not know steps and processes it want to help.

!) How to make a First Person Body? I want it to jump, sneak, run etc. I mean to set a mesh ( or whatever) as I player character and attach the camera to its eyes.

2)How to connect body animations (ex - walking, kicking, jumping) with what it needs to do when receives input(WASD, LMB, SPACE)? For example - I pust “W” and Players leg animation starts. (or some other way? i do not know steps. please mind only the goa and give the most practical answer)

  1. How to link original gameplay features (pooping, etc) not included in standart run&jump&sneak package of the engine with input commands (desired keyboard button)?

4)How to create controllable hands? I want them to be controlled with keyboard and mouse. Separately. To turn each one, move them, point.

  1. How to adjust player’s height? I am tired of being a hobbit.

  2. How to adjust movement speed? Tired of being a flying hobbit.

  3. How to modify FOV?

Please give detailed and deep guide if you can.
Thank you

G’day and welcome to the forums.

Moved this topic to General Discussion as its not strictly C++ related.

As most of what you ask does involve programming of some sort, the best place for you to start would be some Blueprint tutorials.

Should give you enough basic knowledge to utilise the various tutorials and examples related to your questions.

2/3. 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) - YouTube This will teach you everything about animations (anim bp, montages,…)
5. you can just scale the character in your character bp (component tab)
6. in the character bp under the default settings → max walk speed :slight_smile: