Controllable flying ai droids help?

Hi all, noob here. I am in the early stages of designing a game. I saw these drone type search and defence droids in divergent allegiant and it gave me some ideas to implement that into a game as its not a common trait. here is a link incase you haven’t seen it, I was wondering whether someone could point me in the right direction, I know that this isnt a simple 1 link fix but if I could get some tutorials on different sections and then implement them together. that would be pretty cool.

thanks in advance

really? nobody can get me started? thanks a lot

Hello IceMan,

I’m no expert but what you want to create here is quite complex. I would start with simple things first. Creating an actual drone in the world, deciding how it’s going to be moving around the world (when spawn, does it follow player?), how it’s going to be controlled (by player / full auto / mix of both). Getting it to move would be the next step for me. Gosh there are so many things to consider here, how will drone/s behave in small spaces, how will they get back to the player. most likely you will get frustrated and abandon this idea after a while…

Have you actually done anything to create this?

I suggest you learn a few concepts about AI in UE4 and do some research. First you have to make use of the Engine to do the stuff which you want to happen. And you need to know how the Engine deals with AI. What you want basically includes Animations, Flying and Assembling and finally Attachment of such assets to the player, As far as I can think. So its pretty difficult to make. So keep researching and you’ll be able to make out something. It would take time so don’t drop the idea.