Controll multiple objects or pawn by single user in ue4

I want to create a game that have multiple obstacles that take basic input(left, right, up and down) from user, if i create pawn then i think in unreal engine user can control only one pawn. So if i want to create " unlock me " game then what should i take multiple pawn blueprint classes or multiple actor blueprint classes. Or any other thing class. Please suggest me.

You can have as many Pawns as you want. The player controller can call Possess / Un Possess to get control of a pawn.

You can have the Input in the Player Controller so all Pawns behave the same. Or have the Input in the Pawn so each Pawn can have unique control style.

Or even combine both. Player Controller can tell all Pawns how to jump but only 1 Pawn has swimming input, for example.