Control Rotation, Gear VR rotation controlling camera boom pitch/roll/yaw but not camera


I try to make Panzer Dragoon style game for Gear VR.
I start with base endless runner here:

Because I spawn enemies 360 degrees around player character, I need the HMD to rotate camera boom so that the camera does not lose sight of the player character.

I tried making custom camera controller that just track HMD as seen in screen shot. But camera is in fixed position moving around and you lose sight of character making it hard to play.

Thank you very much, I am using Unreal Engine 4.10
Do I need to write custom camera controller or will that result in same thing?
Please help thank you very much.


I looked at my Third Person Character details tab on the right side of screen.

If “control rotation” is view, then by unchecking all these boxes, the view should not be rotating my character but it is in GearVR.

Is this a bug for Gear VR?
No problem when playing with PC.

Any aid would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you look at the Mesh from your character, it’s a component inherited from the class itself so trying to separate it from anything from the class is probably going to be next to impossible unless you delve deep into the engine source.

I found a setting that may or may not help you.

I also showed an example of setting up a dummy mesh. Here’s to hoping! I love Panzer Dragoon :slight_smile:

You need to add the following blueprint code if you’re using something like the 3rd person template:


It will ensure the character does not ‘stick’ to the HMD rotation

Hello aussieburger and thank you kindly for reply.

The camera I am trying for is something like this:

Images from

For my first try, I used this:

If I am not mistaken, your blueprint accomplishes the same thing.
I did not like this setting because player could move the camera so that the avatar is not visible. I always want the avatar on screen.

Thank you very much.

I also tried adding “dummy” avatar mesh but that didn’t work either, dummy mesh went off the railing.

I found a video that shows a camera that does what I’d like it to do whenever an object is clicked:

I got Bruno’s system to work great but if I force change control rotation, I lose the desired camera behavior.

I want to move character along a spline and set actor location and rotation along spline ruins the camera.

Thank you for reading.