Control Rig?

hello! I am Currently Using UE4.25.1 and I am trying to use The ControlRig Project and also plugin to create my animations, I cannot find any information on how to use this I have created a basic idle animation but I felt it took alot longer than I should have taken prolly my fault, but ultimatly my question is

Where do I find Documentation on how to use this properly I want to create my animations inside of the engine since some of mine will interact with other players and weapons and stuff and that part seems cool and easy but how to actually use the sequencer and from 4.24 to 4.25.1 it seems as if they have changed stuff… Basically I am looking for more information on how to use this potentially awesome feature! If you are an expert or even have some kind of information you are willing to share and dont mind adding me on discord here is my tag Swonk.#1778 It would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

No documentation that I have seen, but this video is quite informative:

…and this one from Epic tells you why this feature exists and what they use it for: