Control rig some gizmos don't show up


Has anyone come across an issue with some control rig gizmos not showing up? Even using the default UE4 control rig on Marketplace I can’t see the twist controls. Weirdly they flicker in and out of visibility when I expand the viewport window - 2022-04-02 11-02-52

I set up a control rig for another character and the same thing is happening on the finger controls. I can select and manipulate them from the rig hierarchy but not from the viewport.


Found out there is a separate parent control that toggles the overall visibility for all of it’s child bones. I can see all the bones now

Can you elaborate on this? Where is the visibility control found?

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Just saw this, sorry for late response. The visibility toggles are in the rig hierarchy here:

Toggle the Global Control >> Visibility (which is checked on by default) from on to off and then back to on, I think this resets those hidden controls and worked for me.