control rig sequencer rotation interpolation not choosing shortest path

I pulled the control rig out of the mannequin project, and used it to create some animations in the sequencer. It mostly works great, but I’m having trouble where the right-wrist rotation is creating interpolations that spin 360 degrees around the “long” way, instead of taking the short path to the new rotation.

Here is a video demonstration of my problem.

The problem is similar to this FK animation video, where they recommend to “turn on quaternion interpolation”. However, this option is not available for the individual control rig IK joints in the sequencer.

I found a forum post saying the problem could be remedied by changing the IK control-type from “Transform” to “Euler Transform”. This doesn’t make sense to me, as it seems like the opposite of what one would want, and it also doesn’t fix the problem for me.

Any ideas?


Same f*** issue, spend two days trying to figure this ■■■■ out. Again Wrist and it seems to only want to do it on the Z axis.