Control Rig Sequence and Apply Additive in Anim BP does not seem to work

I have a simple control rig with a bunch of controls.
I have a simple Anim BP that uses cached pose → default slot → apply additive with this control rig → final pose.

I manipulate control rig controls at runtime in Actor BP so that they are additively applied in Anim BP above. This works when using animation sequence, but if I start playing a sequence that drives the control rig (so it’s coming through the slot), the additive effect is gone and the result is basically overwritten with the sequencer values. Once I bake this control rig sequence to animation sequence and then play it via sequence, additive works again.

Does anyone know why is that? I was hoping to avoid using baked sequences and drive the control rig directly in sequencer and be able to apply additive animation procedurally. It seems to only work with baked sequences for me.

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Hello, did you solve your problem? I’m new to unreal and what you are doing seems pretty close to what I want to do.

Sorry for late reply.
It is my understanding that playing stuff through the slot overrides animation and I have not found a way to make it work additively.