Control Rig RBF nodes

Is there any documentation how to setup the RBF Quaternion or RBF Vector nodes in Control Rig? I can’t figure out what to put into the targets plug

Here is some documentation: RBF | Unreal Engine Documentation. Apart from this I can’t help you, sorry.

Yes, that’s first hit on Google. But it doesn’t tell me which node I have to connect into the targets array in control rig.

Following that documentation, it seems like it needs this node:

But where’s that node? It doesn’t show up in the list I get on right-click

In Editor is called Pose Driver
Take a look at the Pose Process AnimBP for a MetaHuman, it’ll show how the setup is done and how the ROM animation is used to get the values for the corrective joints.

Ok, I got the answer.
Right click on the output of the RBF node, and you can set the wildcards. Then you can connect whatever you specified as the output