Control Rig: Preview Scene Additional Meshes Bug?


I have a modular character, and when creating a control rig for the character mesh, I’m unable to display the additional meshes in the preview scene of the control rig.

The initial mesh appears fine in the viewport, but when adding the additional meshes in “Preview Scene Settings” > “Additional Meshes”, the viewport stays the same. I tried compiling, saving and restarting UE4.26.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or is this a known bug?

Any help would be appreciated.


Update: So there is an issue with saving the mesh collection inside the control rig.

When I open the control rig, I’m able to add the additional skeletal meshes to the preview, and save it as a mesh collection. But after I close the control rig and open it back again, I am unable to load the mesh collection. Nothing happens when I load it. The viewport only shows the initial mesh.
This issue occurs in 4.26.2, 4.27 and 5.

It looks like this bug hasn’t been fixed for aeons(!):

Can I bump this?

Am I the only one having this problem?