Control Rig: Part of mesh doesn't attach to skeleton UE5

Hi all,

Having a bit of trouble with control rig recently i’ve imported my skeleton mesh into UE5 and it seems to work well until i make a control rig for it.
In control rig most of it works fine, I can add controllers to the limbs and the body and they all work until i get to the hands. When i try to rig up the hands the mesh doesn’t seem to want to move with the bones for any of the fingers.

If anybody has any idea as to why this could be happening id love to hear from you.

Thank You.


Ive been trying for days to fix this issue and never thought to try it in UE4 and strangely enough I dont have this problem in UE4 Control Rig meaning it must be something to do with UE5? Still a very oddly specific issue that only part of the mesh doesn’t follow its skeleton in control rig so I will leave this discussion open as I feel it would be interesting to hear some thoughts on it from someone more knowledgeable than me or if anybody has had this issue and got around it in UE5.

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i am having the same issue. Except it’s the whole mesh that doesn’t get affected. I’ve seen plenty control rig tutorials using UE5 i haven’t been able to figure out what is the issue