Control Rig - Parenting Changes Location


I’m running into an issue where the transform of a Control is changing when parenting to a new control. Is this behavior expected? I’m following the Parenting and Hierarchy" section of the Control Rig docs (Control Rig | Unreal Engine Documentation).


Did you get this sorted? I’m having the same issue, not sure what the problem is.

Found a workaround, hopefully this will help anyone still looking for a solution:

1. Create control and rename.
2. Unparent control (shift + p).
3. Copy control (ctrl + c).
4. Move control in to new hierarchy (looks broken now, don’t worry).
5. Paste global transforms, with control selected (ctrl + shift + v).
6. Right-click and ‘Set Initial Transforms from Current’.
7. Delete control space in the bone hierarchy.

hi ,
I’m move control only bone move ,do you have any advise