control rig operations in C++

My game design has a robot/animal that can repair itself. Say, attach a bone(s) , specify IK, etc. during gameplay. My question is: Are control rig operations available in C++ as API?

Whole engine is exposed to C++. But there is no API for Control Rig. But at least this part is Runtime part of the engine and not Editor one.


So the answer is no. Weird way to start any answer with yes/no.

API meant to let Applications to talk to each other. Within a Game this question makes a little sense. As you have direct access to classes.
But the OP probably wanted (I can only speculate) some king of a wrapper around Control RIG to talk to it, and there is no “user friendly” implementation like it.


Not exactly in this post:
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They have a good solution, I would say. Even with C++ code on it.

Now checking Unreal Editor I found:

I believe we need to add n IKComponent or even a