control rig on something not a skeletal mesh

just saw
podcast video with Helge Mathee and Miquel Campos showing off the UE control Rig

i saw that control rig can be thrown onto a skeletal mesh, is there a way to put a control rig on other objects? like say a blueprint with a camera in it, so you could build a camera rig?
or a buncha boxes, so you could animate some boxes for some reason without having to go to an outside program, like a type of thing?

it works with the bones of a skeletal mesh, so no.

To animate boxes in engine you would probably use sequencer or matinee.

Interesting concept. I think it should be quick and easy solution to have 3 bones rig (root, spine and boom) for the camera setup.

yeah I was hoping to be able to set up a rig like I would in maya for a camera rig, then I don’t have to go back to maya
with an aim constraint thrown in as well, and ideally a way to control the fov with some control rig blueprints
is there a way to create extra attribute channels on a controller? or is it normally just translate rotate scale from these control objects?

I guess I can just use some simple bone rig with a hidden mesh and a socket for the camera