Control Rig in game IK Issue on startup

I created a simpe arm IK setup for in-game mouse manipulation of my character’s left arm.
It worked as intended when I initially patched up the control rig. However, whenever i re-open the project and hit play, my character’s pose is distorted and my input does nothing. If i go into my control rig blueprint, detach my execution line and reattach/ re-compile it, it works as intended once again.

Is there something im missing here? Maybe some kind of control rig pose initialization on startup? floats are driven by mouse movement and promoted to new variables in my animation bp then connected to float parameter input pins in the control rig in the animgraph.

Didnt try control rig yet and just guessing. maybe your mouse x y z values were wrong?

doesn’t seem to matter what my mouse values are on startup because the control rig doesnt read them until i re-compile the control rig blueprint. also, once its recompiled, it works perfectly so its feeling like some kind of glitch atm. control rig is after all a new plugin and still in development.
I haven’t been able to find much if any examples of in game control of external blueprints driving control rig parameters, seems like most people are using sequencer. if anyone has had any success with this in other applications id love to see it.

I experience the same issues with control rig.

If you watch the original videos of the release/explanation it shows you how it is used in game.
on fortnite obviously.

Yes, in current Unreal 4.25.3, Control Rigs, when they are reloaded, don’t remember to honor “Propagate to Children” settings until they are manually recompiled. One can either fuss with recompiling the control rig each time. (Which is fuss work, and I have concerns if I packaged a project in this state.) Or manually add nodes to the control rig to propagate the changes oneself.

The actual nodes seem pretty straightforward. Transform the primary bone first, then for each child in order just set it’s relative transform to the parent bone based upon the child’s initial transform in local space (local space being the transform space of its parent bone)

Here’s a snippet of a Control Rig I’ve been working on. It’s like the Fortnite Werewolf character where my character has an extra leg bone and I’m driving animations off of Mannequin market animations. So the initial thigh bone is manipulated based on the animation, and then the twist and calf bones are shoved back into location relative to it.