Control Rig in 4.25.1 - Variable creation doesn't seem to be working

So I want to be able to access variables in my Control Rig Blueprint from within my Anim Blueprint but I can’t seem to get variable creation to work. I have options to Get and Set variables but they seem to require input pins that I can’t edit. I found some posts that seemed to suggest I could see these in the My Blueprint window at the very least but they do not appear for me at all and the Add Menu in the Blueprint window seems to be broken.

To access variables outside the Control Rig Blueprint, create a “parameter” in the Control Rig BP instead.

Then, in your Animation BP, add a “Control Rig” node, and under the “Details” panel under “Input” you can checkmark which parameters you want to access.

However, I’ve had issues with the parameter values updating while the game was running. For me, floats worked, but I ran into issues updating the “Name” variable during play.