control rig in 4.21

hey guys :slight_smile:

for some reason I cannot get control rig to work in 4.21. I have enabled in the addons and restarted UE4 but still nothing. followed a couple tutorials and still doesn’t work.
have epic taken it out for 4.21 does anyone know please?

thank you

The default base-human rig has been removed, but functionality to create your own rig has been added,

The only thing missing or un-documented is the control rig “controls panel” diagram, everything else is doable, I suspect this is a transition period and hope the base rig is re added once updated.

here is a quick video of how to use the current version and how to create animations from it.

in the video I used “control”, but instead use the “static mesh control” to allow you to have in level clickable bone manipulators.### this makes it use-able :slight_smile:


thanks bob, i actually came across your video I think yesterday and gave it a like :slight_smile:

thanks for the help** Basement Bob**. I am really interested in the future of rigs within ue4. At the moment I use DAZ studio and mixamo to import animations but I would love to see ue4 have its own rig and animation implemented into sequencer. This seems to be on the cards for the future but Im not 100% sure when or if this will be fully equipped with unreal.
I have looked into Allright Rig but its just a wee bit expensive.

Anyone know if there are updates to Control Rig in 4.22?

Control Rig seems to be missing in 4.22 and 4.23. Actually there is a more advanced version of Control Rig in 4.23 (many changes) but no documentation that fI can find. Testing different combinations yields some results, but seems to be buggy with some nodes. Probably operator error, lol. If anyone has info on the new Control Rig please post. Thanks!

In the meantime, I use Allright Rig from the Unreal Marketplace - a fantastic plugin that creates custom rigs for your characters and allows animation from within UE4 itself.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to post marketplace links, please let me know if I have violated a policy.