Control rig: "Full Body IK" constraints don't work(docs are in ue5 and not applicable to ue4?)

Hey all, I’m trying to setup a “full Body IK” for my character. Goal is procedural ik walk cycle.

Looking through the docs on the “Full Body IK” does not help as it is done within ue5 and many options from the node are either named differently or just not there.

Normally I would be able to work around something like that since basically all ue4 docs and tuts are somewhat out of date… But even if I setup a locked constraint how it says in the full body docs… It is just ignored.

Is this an oversight by the devs? Not finished? Buggy in one version but not the other?

The constraints do nothing no matter what they are set to. They ignore any controls or bones and they do not work even if I just lock all the values. Why is ue4’s full body ik lacking when ue5 is the one that is experimental?

Does anyone know how this works? Any help on this appreciated, I just want some ik legs on my dude and I can’t figure out how to constrain rotations.

exactly i have the same problem, plz tell here if u find solution

I’m having the same issues in UE5, basically the bone constraints in fully body IK are often partially or fully ignored. For example you set the stiffness of a bone to “1”, but it still gets moved. You can set all axis to locked and it still moves. Very annoying, basically makes the full body IK unusable. Have to chain together a bunch of other IKs instead.

I’ve messed with the Fullbody Ik for the past week, the limits are taken in consideration sometimes and other times they are ignored. Is quite annoying