Control Rig custom attributes on controls


I’m sure this is a common question so, apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere but I couldn’t find anything after 10 minutes of searching.

I’m coming from a Maya rigging background and attempting to transfer my knowledge to Control Rig in UE5. One thing I’m struggling with is whether it’s possible to add attributes to controls which drive parameters in the graph. An example would be a master hand control with sliders for curl, splay, roll.

I know I can add dedicated controls of type ‘float’ to my hierarchy but it quickly gets cumbersome when you have to select a different control for each attribute.

Anyone have a workflow for this or know if it’s even possible?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Are you talking about something like this?


This is using a single Transform control where each of the rotational axes controls a different attribute. You can do similar things with a control’s position components. If you set limits in the control properties, you’ll even get a nice rectangle drawn in 3D space that marks the valid area for the control to move around in.

Thanks - that’s a nice solution for these kinds of situations. It seems like it would be fairly intuitive to animate with as well. I guess it gets less elegant on something like an IK limb control where you have a stack of animatable float attributes like stretch, mid-sliding, pole vector pinning, soft-ik etc. which are not easily expressed through a transform.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!