Control Rig - Can't Get IK, CCDIK, FABRIK to work on strange mesh...Pls Help!

I have this strange mesh - I am very new to making Control Rigs and so I am very likely just doing this wrong but I can’t seem to get any sort of IK, CCDIK, or FABRIK node set ups to work in Control Rig. I have tried for hours. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong and so I’m sorry to ask but I can’t figure out what it is. When I try to do Full Body IK the controls don’t seem to have adhered to the model and when I try to do CCDIK with an Item array my controls constantly fly all over the place. I can get some basic motion by just making getter and setter nodes and hooking them up but I was trying to get the physics simulation of one of the IK nodes to work. I’m sure that I am overlooking something basic but I can’t figure out what it is. I have watched many videos, now. Any and all help would be very much appreciated!

This was one of the first skeletons I ever rigged…I did it a while ago. I looked at my skeleton and redid / edited some parts and reimported it. While not perfect I can now get Basic IK to work on the arms and controls to work with the head which is most of what I needed. I have resolved this, now. Thank you to anyone who read it…Pls feel free to close this issue. Thanks, again!