Control Rig blueprint issues

  1. Some nodes absents.

Follow documentation Control Rig Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation
and absent node “Rig Hierarchy Ref” for example.

  1. ControlRig Blueprint window have few issues with interface.

If you close graphs (Event graph or Rig Graph) then impossible to open it again.
Section like “My Blueprint” in regular blueprint windows (section has list of Graphs, Functions, Variables etc.) is absent in ControlRig blueprint interface. So impossible to browse and open closed graphs.
Issues with control rig blueprint’s UI still from 4.21 until now specially on MacOS version of UE Editor


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How can i get Rig Hierarchy because I don’t have Structure with the right click?

I used the same way: Control Rig Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

For folks having the same issue: Re documents specifying Control Rig Hierarchy

Since Control Rig is still a beta product, it’s evolved between 4.21 and later versions. I’m on 4.25 and the docs still refer to the 4.21 way. So in a sense, a lot of the specifics have changed. Some of the node names and ways of building them up. I think the Hierarchy Rig is now just implied in the control rig document, and there’s an exec line to connect all of the nodes that actually set bone transforms.

That said, Epic has a ControlRigMannequin example that works with 4.25 and presumably later versions. Installing that project, you can open it’s Mannequin_ControlRig file for an example of the current way Control Rig works.