Control Rig, better way to drive "step by step" sequences of transforms?

So,… I’m quite familiar with Animation in DCC’s…
…Could do all that stuff outside of UE, but I want to learn to create anims inside of UE aswell.
So far the “Control Rig” is doing a great job and is very powerful,… but I’m still kinda new to this inside of UE…

I’m testing a lot of stuff on a model and Rig I created some time ago, getting it into UE and using this one as a learning object…

I would love to know, if there is a more elegant way to “drive” transforms, especially when it comes to a “sequence” of things happening one after another (and in between and what not)
Right now I’m doing it with Value remapping to choose ranges from my controll objects, which then drive interpolators to “kick in” the transforms I want at certain points…

Looking like this:

And in motion, I think this explains better what I want to achieve, especially on the right hand side of the vid,… first the gear rotates in positon and expands after this, step by step:
Control Rig in action

…would love to hear your (hello world) opinion on how to approach “driven Keys” in a better way inside of UE, my approach is working so far,… timing that stuff is not tricky but quite twiddly ;D


Depends on a lot of stuff.

I would drive the sequences based on a custom event that is for all intensive purposes recursive.

I don’t know if that’s a “better” way, but it allows you to fire chain of events from just about anywhere based on anything at all. Including possibly notifies.

Thing is, you are doing stuff based on position, not on Time.
Usually you do stuff based on Time…

So the way you are going about it is likely more useful for what you are doing specifically.
Even if maybe slightly more expensive.

In the end it doesn’t really matter. What you are after is a good end result. That’s what you got.
I doubt you’ll need to squeeze .0001 ms of performance out of changing the way the system works to time checking…