Control Rig - Basic IK messing up mesh

I am trying to put Basic IK on legs of my character. The IKs worked pretty well on the arm, with only minor twisting, but the legs are all over the place when I execute the Basic IK.

I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. Does anyone know why this would be happening or have any good resources that could help?

Same =(

Hi, @cathycs did you manage to find the solution?

I ran across the same issue - my mesh is skinned a bit differently, but the issue seems to be the same. The mesh gets dislocated from the original position of the bones after executing Basic IK. I tried different retargetting options, but nothing worked

Hi @MaarVFX
I went back and reorientated the joints in the leg,( many many times as i presumed that this must be the issue ) and ended with the ankle joint pointing down as originally mine was pointing towards ball joint in foot. I then set everything to 0 in secondary axis of ik handle and it worked. i wouldn’t quite call it a solution as I’m still not sure what exactly the issue was but it looks fine now.

I think it will work eventually. I definitely made a step forward, but you’re right, it will take a few iterations to get all the transforms right :sweat_smile: