control rig ,anim instance ,character bp

Can I use character blueprints and animation instances to connect control rigs at the same time
I want to use the A-skeleton animation to control the B-character. I create A- blueprint for the A character, A- control rig. I connect the control rig in the animation instance. I want to map the B character into the control rig in the character blueprint to modify it. What should I do


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Hey @haihaohh!

The wording of your post is a little hard to follow, could you maybe explain the end goal a little more? Maybe going into detail and spreading out your information to clear goals on what each piece of this puzzle needs to do.

In the meantime, you can copy control rigs between characters so long as they have identical skeletons, which would allow the models to use the same animations. You can have blueprints call upon both of those control rigs to play those animations as well. Check out this non-Epic affiliated example of how to copy a control rig:

Any additional specifics you can provide will go a long way in solving your problem!

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