Control Rig 4.24 basic help

Hey All,

I’ve had success with Control Rig pre 4.23, but I can’t even get a basic IK setup going for an arm in 4.24. Could anyone help with some advice on basics?

I know Control Unit nodes were deprecated so we now have to create a Control in the hierarchy, but when you do that we now automatically get a new “space”. Unfortunately there is literally zero documentation on what the proper way to handle this new space is.

I also don’t yet understand what the create bones use cases are and if they’re necessary for basic IK. I’m guessing these are the same virtual bones you can create elsewhere, but in pre 4.24 you didn’t need them to get a basic IK controller on a hand controlling the arm.


I hear you. I have been digging for almost 2 days on and off now and cannot find a single thing about this new system they made for 2.24. It seems on the surface to be much better based on being able to attach controls right to the rig and being able to select the affected bones from a drop list. That is until you try the new nodes. The results are absolutely terrible. I even took a brand new 3rd person project and tried to apply it to a raw epic skeleton to try it. It just seems to me that it simply doesn’t work. I really wish that Epic would update their documentation a bit, they dont seem to have very good documentation on this or many of the engine features for that matter. I have a love/hate relationship with this engine for that reason. I am posting here as well in the hopes someone can come along and explain this new control rig. Also they seem to have done away with the control rig sequence but I was able to at least get that portion working in the sequencer but I cannot get the controls on the rig to move the bones in the sequencer. Very frustrating! Im pretty much giving up for now.

I’m having similar issues. Control Rig is now very different to what’s shown in the documentation, and much of it isn’t mentioned at all (like how to constrain a bone’s rotation).

Having played with it for a couple of days I would respond to a couple of your points:

  1. I feel like you’d be best off designing your rig externally. I made a fully working rig in Cinema 4D (R20) and brought it into Unreal. You can then just add the whole bone hierarchy to the Rig Hierarchy tab in Control Rig (via Maya as the direct export from C4D crashes UE4 for some reason). I’ve then referred to the external rig and attempted (with partial success so far) to replicate its functionality using the Rig Graph.
  2. Think of a ‘space’ just as a null object or a group in your modelling software’s object list. It has an origin transform and so controls within it have a transform relative to that. All my spaces are children of the root bone, which means my controls effectively have easy-to-understand locations in rig space.

I hope this helps a bit!

After around a day and a half of struggling I managed to get a very basic IK setup to work using FABRIK. I still have no idea how to get the Basic IK to work or even how to move more than one joint using FABRIK. Also, now I have managed to get this basic setup working in the Rig Graph I have no idea how to use it. What I want to do is to be able to get and send the x,y,z co-ordinates of bone positions and then get the control rig to move the skeleton into the new position (e.g. get the current position of the left hand, change the value somewhere else in the program and move the left hand to the calculated new position with the rest of the skeleton all following along correctly). I managed to get something basic along those lines going in 4.22 using Control Rig Sequence but that has all gone now in 4.24 so I’m stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And hope the diagram below is of some help to others struggling with this.

Guys, i have the same problem!

Rapaziada, encontrei esse tutorial que explica como criar os Controls Rig na versão UE4.24! O problema é que está em Japonês, (acho):

Guys! I found this explication, but in Japonese! But I use Google Translator:…ig-Main#TOC–4

And, Yes! I got it:

Pay attention to the detail, don’t forget to check the “Propagate to Children” option in the “Basic IK” node. I lost good minutes because of this!! :slight_smile:

(Se atentem ao detalhe, não esqueçam de ticar a opção “Propagate to Children” no Nó “Basic IK”. Perdi bons minutos por causa disso!! rsrsrs )

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Thanks, Ast, that Japanese website seems to point in the right direction and appears to describe how I might move a control from another blueprint and have the control rig follow it. I say ‘might’ because it seems to depend on being able to create a variable in the control rig graph, but this is not possible.

If you look at thispage they create a transform variable called ‘LookAtTransformCS’ which is then an input pin on the ControlRig node in an animation blueprint. However, if I try to create any variables I just get a little blue rectangle with the variable type written on it and no pins. It’s completely broken.

It’s easy to miss how to make this work properly because it’s obviously not set up correctly. The little blue box that appears when you create a new variable isn’t editable and you can’t create a new variable in the ‘My Blueprint’ window. However, if you create a new variable on the graph then go to the My Blueprint window, you can select it, rename it and expose it as an input pin to be used in Control Rig.