Control points and images

Hi everybody,

I have 1 component with 73 images. Some of them are missaligned regarding the scene. So I’ve created 2 control points for the moment.
Image A, B and C are detected suitable for point 1.
Image D,E and F for point 2.
But on images A point 2 is visible but A is not proposed for point 2 and on image E point 1 is visible but E is not proposed for point 1. How is it possible to “force” RC to be able to add point 2 on image A and point 1 on image E ?

You’re not limited to only using the suggested images. If you open image A in a 2D view (either by selecting the camera in the 3D window, or in the 1Ds image list) you can click and drag the control point from the 1Ds menu onto the image in the 2D window.

Thanks. I will try :wink: