Control point not showing correct preview. Possibly Bug.

Hi When I use the control point and I move the preview dot around the point cloud to find the spot to place my control point, it is not showing me correctly there that point is.

If you look at the image It should be showing me in the 2d pane the image marker of a lightnin bolt that I stuck to the wall there. But insteam the 2D pane is showing me the exact other side of the room. 

It is doing the same thing for all components. I suspect it may be becase I have multiple image files named the same as I used multiple different videos so I have about for images names frame00005 for example. 

I don’t see any way to have all the frames called something different like highLoopVid_frame00005.jpg for example. 

that seems to be an error in the alignment. You can anyways assign the control points there and check the pixel errors in every picture under the control point to isolate the good ones.