Control Panel Assets Pack

Control Panel Pack, contain several elements (buttons, knobs, switches, and more) that allow to you create a great control panel very fast, extremely versatile for a broad range of scenarios, like scifi, star-ship, industrial environment and more.

The pack contain more than +100 individuals elements that will allow to you create a broad variety of control panels for almost any purpose. Beside we offer +190 preset sections, that make very easy the creation of any control panel, and offer a high quality textures.

If have any question or any comment/feedback feel free to ask us in this forum.

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Answering this question from Handkor: " Awesome pack, exactly what I was looking for. Are you planning on splitting up the thrust control levers to allow setting each one individually?"

Just to check when you talk about “thrust control levers” are the assets that I point in the image with the red arrow, right?.

The individuals assets are blueprint, and some individuals elements (not all), has some parameter (yellow arrow) that allow to you change the aspect, like in that case the rotation.

However, the preset sections, are all static, you can’t change the aspect, that is why we offer the same section several time, with different configuration in its elements.

I hope to answer your question if not feel free to post in the forum.


Some individuals switches (not all) like one example that I show you in the image, has some parameter that allow to you change the switch. The buttons don’t have this option.

Of course, only apply in some individuals components, the preset sections are static.