Control Issue With VR Multiplayer

The video linked does a good job describing what is going on, but basically in my game the player can interact with different control components(the joysticks) to control a mech. The system pipes the players controller inputs through the control component and the component then fires off events for the mech to pick up which it then uses to help it determine what it needs to do(movement, aiming, shooting etc.).

When I interact with only a single control component things are fine, inputs pass through to the mech and move it correctly, but as soon as I try to interact with multiple components simultaneously(one in each hand) I start losing certain inputs. Either I can’t move in certain directions and not others or I can’t aim in certain directions, or a combination of both!

I’m am absolutely confused as to what is going on, how come they behave correctly when interacted with individually but when interacted with together things go awry? Are some of my inputs getting lost during the process?

I would love any insight. Thanks.

I fixed it thanks to a user on the unreal engine reddit. He suggested I try making the RPC calls I was making reliable and that fixed the issue though I don’t understand how come I completely lose the inputs when interacting with 2 controls, but when interacting with just 1 inputs get through fine.

If reliability is the issue I would’ve expected to drop some and others get through…