Control head rotation anim from pawn parent?

I am making a game where, and because of some mechanics I want, I need to be able to control the head by directly rotating the head bone from the bp script.

This is what I have in mind, but its not working.

Pawn Player Bp

Anim Graph Bp

The event graph is standard in the Anim BP

I did some research, and all I came across was that the way I tried to do it is dead, and the only other way with yaw input doesnt work for me.

Are there any other ways to get the bone to rotate from the pawn bp?

I fixed this by removing the SpringArm and placing the camera in a FPS view I wanted. I rotate the camera on its Z axis with mouse Y axis event, and it works the way I need for now.


–more details–

Character Pawn BP

Im also not using the built in Character stuff because the preset character controls were limiting. Thats why Im building my own camera system for a Pawn.

Character Pawn BP EventGraph

Make an InputAxis event thats setup with mouse-Y. Take the axis value and add it to the cameraArms relativeRrotation-Z value. Make sure the Z stay between 90 to -90 degrees. CameraArms is a NoCollision Box that is centered on the head socket of the skeleton level with the eyes of the player.