Control Exposure Compensation from Aximmetry


I would like to be able to control the Exposure Compensation from an external software called Aximmetry.
This software has a special unreal version with it’s own blueprint integration.
So I like to Set Members in PostProcessSettings by aximmetry but how do I connect the Struct Ref? It won’t connect to the PostProcessVolume.
Bye the way, very new to blueprints…


Note, we reply to Unreal related questions on Aximmetry’s forum:

First, make sure that you have Metering Mode enabled in your Post Process Volume. Otherwise, changes in the exposure compensation won’t take effect.

Next, as somebody new to the blueprints, you will probably want the blueprint made in the Level Blueprint.

And finally, the blueprint should look like this:

It has the additional nodes of Post Process Volume Get Settings and Set Settings which use PostProcessVolume from your level.

Also, they are connected to the EventTick through Exec connection.
And using Get Aximmetry Scalar instead of Integer for better precision.

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