Control DMX Light with Blueprint

I’m new in Unreal Engine and try to control a light using a Widget Blueprint
I work with UE 5.3 and I already read the DMX Blueprint Extension-Turtorial of UE
(DMX Blueprint Extension in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation | Epic Developer Community)

But i didn’t find the “Send DMX”-Block in the turtorial, which targets the DMX Subsystem
When I search for “Send DMX”, I have no “Fixture Patch”-Input
Also my target is DMX Fixture Patch, not DMX Subsystem like in the Turtorial

Does anybody know, where I can find it?
I also tried it on UE 5.0 but I couldn’t find it there ether

I just try to start a Sequence with a Button
I created an On-Klick-Event of the Button but I don’t know how to start the Sequence with it and send that to my DMX light
Like I said at the beginning, it’s all verry new to me and I realy tryed to learn it myself by watching turtorials and searching on Google, but I couldn’t find anything that would have helped me on that case…

I know, it’s very basic, but it would be great if somebody could help me with this

Thanks alot

in many turtorials they use “Create Level Sequence Player” to play a sequence
I built this in my Level Blueprint but it doesn’t play my sequence
(when I start a Print String with my Keyboard M, it works, so the Level Sequence Player gets an Input, but doesn’t play my sequence

it’s just 1 Static Head that I want to switch on / off
It’s as simple as it gets, so I realy dont know, why It doesn’t work…

Would be verry greatful, if anybody could help me with this