Control display size HTML5 builds

When I first load up a HTML game using the default Unreal settings, there is a lot of black space around it. This fixes itself as soon as I resize the window.

Looking through the .html file the project builds, there is:

function resize_game()

which seems to be responsible for the corrective action.

Is there a way to make a call to this when the game is first loaded so I don’t have to resize the browser every time? Or another way to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Removed broken link

Just noticed, when the ‘Fullscreen’ button is pressed, there is a lot of black space again. I’m guessing this means the resize_game() function isn’t my holy grail…

The .wrapper as defined in the CSS part of the HTML doc has a definition for max-width, but not max-height.

Adding a max-height fixed it appearing larger than the browser bounds for me.

Still trying to figure out how to change the default size.