Control Direction of Destructible Mesh pieces in BP

So I have a collectible that is made out of glass. When the player touches the capsule collision, I want the glass collectible to shatter in the direction that the player hit the collectible in. Of course, I don’t want the collectible or its fragments to stop the player in any way while moving, so the destructible mesh’s collision is disabled.

My question is this: How do I influence which direction the destructible chunks will fly entirely in BP (Since all I have is an overlap event from the collectible’s hitbox, the location of the player that touched it, and the location of the collectible itself)? Here’s my current BP Setup:

Am I doing something wrong here? I’ve made the impulse strength really huge, but I’m noticing hardly any difference in the direction of the chunks. What is the impulse actually doing?

Okay funny story, this was actually working properly, I just had another node (I think it was called apply radial force or something) that was being called right after the Apply Damage node. I didn’t know what this did, so I deleted the node to clean up my BP for the screenshot up above. Deleting that node seems to have fixed the problem, because the glass fragments move in the direction the BP tells them to now!