Control Cursor with Gamepad in future release?

Over a year ago, I heard talk that we’d see native support for gamepad cursor control (eg the Destiny user interface) but haven’t heard anything about it since. What ever happened with this?

I had been using Rama’s plugin as a temporary fix for my project but for a number of reasons (not to mention 4.14 incompatibility) I don’t want to use plugins anymore. I’m a BP-only project and gamepad cursor support is a critical part of my game. I’ve delayed it as long as possible, awaiting a native solution, but now I’m approaching the point where I can’t ignore this anymore and need to make a decision how to proceed.

Is this still something Epic is working on?

Thanks guys, keep up the great work.


Rama’s Plugin is based on the implementation from Nick Darnell which utilizes FAnalogCursor(). You can access the class through C++. Rama’s Plugin has a few issues with other platforms due to the configuration files but the implementation actually works fine.

Yes, but that means sacrificing being a blueprint-only project, which adds a lot of complexity to my project just for one ‘feature’.

To be honest - after making 2 games with UE4 i think it’s impossible to create a blueprint-only game. The blueprint system is great, but you’ll have to enrich it by exposing C++ code to it. If you don’t like adding plugins you could just go with the native solution from Nick Darnell by adding his sources to your project. I believe the important functions are already exposed to blueprints.

I use FAnalogCursor() for the XB1 port of our game which requires the engine source anyways.

Yeah… that’s what I was afraid of. That’s really insightful input - thanks, Burnz. I’ll probably end up having to bite the bullet, then. The positive side is that maybe once I crack open visual studio, I can find a way to create a proper animated loading screen system, while I’m in there.

I think that was exactly the same route i was going when i switched from Unity to UE4. The Blueprint-only idea might work for smaller games and is great to get familiar with the engine but by my experience you always end up that you want to use something that is already there but requires C++. Don’t get discouraged, for most of the things you want to do you’ll find examples here on the forums which you can - even if you have little C++ experience just copy + paste. If you have experience with Blueprints you know most of the C++ functions anyways, that was actually much harder when switching the engine - i was able to code in C++ but i didn’t know the engine functions, blueprints helped here.