Control camera with WASD issue

Video showing the issue

Goal: Have camera rotate around the character

A - Rotate Clockwise

D - Rotate Counter Clockwise

W , D - Have camera be adjustable height wise.

Can’t figure out a fix!

Hi man , its about use the relative and world rotation.
As you can see when you hit W, you camera rotate around the White line on the ground.
That is the World rotation , or the actor rotation. What you really want is to rotate the camera around a relative axis.
Take a look at the second pictures.
You can test it in your blueprint. make the camera child of a new scenecomponent and check your mode.
Using the scenecomponent you can rotate the camera in 2 ways.
At first can be similar , but if you rotate the scene to 45° you will get the difference.
Moving the scene in world mode. (or relative to his father ) you get the camera rotation around the world axis.
What you really want is to set it to relative mode. so now your scene-camera can rotate on Y around you char,
Take in mind that once you rotate the scene component, his > azis will be wrong.
So you have to use the relative rotation to keep clean the Y. But the world relative , to keep the Z clean.
Otherwise , as i do, you have to create 2 scene component, and use the 1° to rotate only on Z so it will keep Always his line… and the 2° to rotate on his Y, to keep both clean.

THANK YOU! this has been annoying me for sooo long I couldn’t figure it out.

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