Control another character from VR

Heya there

I’m trying to figure out how to control another character while in VR.

The other character would be the likes of the third person template, being able to move and jump with a skeletal mesh.

Ultimately I would need to switch my camera from VR to third person (but still being able to turn around to watch in VR) on event trigger.

I’ve checked around and all I can see is input directly handled on pawn blueprints or playerController, but VR seems a bit different to handle (that, I might be wrong with)

Any tips ? =)

Anyone’s got a clue ? :s

In case someone’s looking for the same thing, I ended up working with the level blueprint, having an input action going through a flip flop node to possess each of my character. Enables me to work with one or the other which is one thing that I wanted. Still missing on how to control both at the same time for certain actions

Possessing them is the way to go.
You can use a Trace hit to select a character, too.

to control both:
Do they need to walk the same way or individual?
Both the same way would be:
Give each Actor a Reference to the Other. And on Move/Jump/Crouch command, fire the same event on the Other one, too.

One is not walking (the VR rig) and the other one is third person so running around yea. Ideally i’d like to dedicate buttons to the VR and other buttons for third person and control both at the same time. Impossible ?