Contributing to the Unreal Engine 4 | How I implemented android local notification support

PR #2470

A small guide on the steps I took in order to complete Android local notification support for the engine.


No code included - beginner friendly…


Very detailed and awesome presentation. Thank you! :cool:

This unfortunately is going to go over 99% of the communities heads. Visual learner myself, much easier for me to figure things out by seeing examples made.

Well I respect your opinion but I think putting chunks of code inside a presentation is a bad idea; you can always look at the PR’s changed files and checkout how to do stuff. This way is much harder tho :slight_smile:

Far as I know there are not any basic tutorials on setting up JNI, Android, and CPP together. So while you give us the concept it’s not all that handy for those that haven’t already the code knowledge. I would be open to looking at the changed files but that brings me to my second point: the engine updates take forever to push changes. I’ve had stuff take over a year to be implemented, on more than one occasion. An extremely basic cpp/android plugin tutorial with code is something that would be useful, as it simply doesn’t exist. Sure, there are a few open source(not tutorials) plugins that implement SDKs for Androids but that’s very excessive. If you asked me how to remove a car tire I wouldn’t show you how to replace a CV joint, simply because ‘remove tire’ is part of the process.

While I sincerely thank you for your contribution, I also just want to clarify that it’s more or less half the tools we need to succeed.

I have plans to setup blog with many tutorials about mobile development in UE4 so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I look forward to this, long as one of them is related to making mobile plugins haha.