Contributing to the StandardMacros library

So I thought I’d get my mojo on and try to start contributing to the github source.

One simple one was the user request to have a *Do While loop *in Blueprints (there is a While Loop at the moment). It was raised here [Feature] - Do While etc - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums and there is a ticket about it (UE-9931 - which I have no visibility on).

It was easy to make Do While Loop and add it to the Standard Macros, by duplicating While Loop and modifying it.

I’ve got it ready to go - but I’m baffled - how would I push that back to the source?

I can see this mod here a while back, but engine content uassets must be generated by the first build or setup.

Any clues on how someone would add to the uassets of the Engine/Content? Or whatever is generating the uassets? Or where they come from?

Thank you.

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Anyone has experience with adding to the standard macros?

Well, yeah that parts are not in the repo, I would like too to contribute with non “source code” parts, but no idea how, you can send to an admin I think, but no sure.

By the way that file is in: “4.11\Engine\Content\EditorBlueprintResources” if you open the editor you can edit from the editor in that folder, open the asset and add new functions or edit.

I think this is the node you want:

I have sent a copy of my file to [MENTION=8] [/MENTION] with 3 new Byte functions and the DoWhileLoop, Is this okay ?

Yeah that’s what I had… Anyway I guess you take the credit for that.

I told [MENTION=8] [/MENTION] to add you too if they add the Do While Loop, because you posted the answerhub problem and all, thanks you.

It’s all good man :slight_smile:

No news about this guys ?

Not as of yet, I’m still trying to get an answer and will get back to you when I get it