Contributing code to GitHub

Hello Unreal team and fellow engine contributors!

I’m already some time into UE, My main learning focus in on C++ code only, and so far encountered few topics for which I feel comfortable enough to work with (rather very small changes for start). well to be honest I’m still far away to grasp the engine to the full extent in any serious manner, and I’m ready for my submissions to be rejected not to get upset on somebody but to improve my skills and ultimately at least try to give my 50 cents.

OK, Well I did take a read on several introductory resources on how to contribute, to name a few seemingly important for startup:

  1. Coding stantadrs (Standards and conventions used by Epic Games in the Unreal Engine 4 codebase.)
  2. UE4 Github introduction

However I have some relevant questions which I couldn’t find, to name just a few:

  1. Roadmap: what is the current roadmap (or should I say development priority at the current stage? ( btw. I did take a look this roadmanp, but that seems to present only past advancements with no obvious future plans and priorities)
  2. Github branches: according to GitHub intro, it seems like master branch is the branch on where new contributors should start (that’s should be a starting snapshot of code base)? Is this correct? is that bullet proof to start with? or does it depend on some other factors?
  3. **Specific Priorities: **at this stage, what amount of importance is put into documenting source code with appropriate quality comments? (I guess Java doc style / doxygen is used?)
  4. Intellisense: what amount of importance is considered relevant to make “certain” code compile more smoothly and cleanly with Visual Studio, especially resolving anoying intellisense errors.
  5. Documentation: I suppose (from observation) there is a special team for this kind of stuff, how do you govern access to “non team” members participate is this area?

Please note that I don’t want to put myself info some silly uncomfortable or odd position, the sole purpose of this post is to gather information, hopefully other people may find it useful in the future.

Thank you a lot for taking the time and I’m looking forward for any suggestions, guidelines or additional resources you may provide!