Contribute to Unreal Engine 4 non code part ?

Its possible to add something like the Github Unreal Engine 4 but for contribute to the non code engine part ?

Contribute to:

  • Non code Blueprint/Material nodes
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Other contents (3D Models, Animations, Audio, Levels)


You need to carefully read the EULA.

So strictly speaking … NO … unless they are engine licensees as well.

I believe he is actually asking if its possible to contribute to UE4 via other means than just code, right now we can submit a pull request for changes to the engine and if Epic agree, our changes will get incorporated, so he wants to know is it possible to contribute other things besides code and it will be incorporated into the engine so everyone can use it.

Hevedy, please clarify if my understanding is incorrect.


I mean private (Only register Unreal Engine 4 users) contribute (To/With Epic Games) like in the private Github PR Unreal Engine 4 Official repository.
As GalaxyMan2015 say.

I think that depends on what kind of content you want to contribute and why it is worth being part of UE4 instead of distributed sepretly.

There are other ways to contribute to UE outside of the github repo. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss some options when I get in town next week. :cool:

Okay. Its only a simple idea, if someone like contribute. Since place the icons, materials, nodes… and all non code in the same repository of Github is a chaos + a huge space eater if this is possible will be better other system or simply PM with a Epic worker as you to give an content request.

*Is an idea, i don’t have files/content for now to send.

Ah man, so bad, i was triying to change the KDevelop Plugin :’(
Can you change for me? Thanks :smiley:

Interesting. Good to know :slight_smile: