Contribute to Standard Macros

Hey people, is there any way currently to contribute to the Standard Macros, or they are in Epic’s private VCS?

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Hi , what do you mean with “Standard Marcros”?

Well… the Standard Macros :smiley:
The macros coming with the engine, like ForLoop, ForEach, etc.

Sorry, I don’t know these Macros. I only know Macros like UOBJECT(), TEXT(), SNew(),…
Where can I find one of these?

Standard Macros are blueprint, not C++. Double click on ForEach (even through if you don’t know them, it’s very likely that you can’t answer my question :smiley: )

Oh, I see. These macros seem to me like standard control structures. I am not sure why a modification of control structures would be necassary. I am curious what you are trying to achieve.